Reiki - About Kathy
My Experience

My first encounter with Reiki lasted approximately fifteen minutes. I was instantly overwhelmed and intrigued by it. It was the first time I had ever experienced any type of energy work. While I could not clearly define what was taking place or how the practitioner was doing what he was doing, the results were undeniable. In that brief period I became extremely relaxed. For the first time I felt a true sense of the aura and the energy of my body.

Not long after this I recommended Reiki to a friend. He too had a powerful experience during the treatment. He had a more conventional session that lasted about an hour. Since this practitioner was also a teacher, he arranged for both of us to attend a training session. We also received the degree attunement, which enables the recipient to become a practitioner. The attunement is one of the principle differences between Reiki and other methods of natural healing. As soon as I became a First Degree Reiki practitioner I began working with the energy by administering self-treatments.

About a year later I felt it was time to move on to the next level. After working with another Reiki Master to receive the attunement I began treating friends and co-workers. We all reported amazing results and learned a great deal more about the natural healing found through Reiki. Almost immediately after receiving training for Reiki II I realized that I was going to become heavily involved in the practice of Reiki and looked forward to offering it to as many people as possible. I knew I wanted to become a Reiki Master before offering treatments in a full time setting. I wanted to have as much information and experience as possible. I spent many hours working on myself and others while scouting around for another teacher. Finally, three years after receiving Reiki II I found the perfect teacher to train me for the Reiki III Master /Teacher level. This is the final degree in traditional Usui Reiki.

Today I am working to ensure that I continue to pursue the learning process that began with my introduction to Reiki. I want to be of assistance to the community in a variety of ways. I think it is important to get the message out that there are tools currently available that help us get in touch with our true nature - our essential selves. Reiki has truly changed my life in the most positive ways imaginable. I’m certain that others will benefit just as much. Through Reiki, I would like to provide comfort and relief to people suffering from all types of discomfort, disease, and distress. I think it is vital that those who are interested in becoming involved with a continual practice of Reiki learn to use the energy and receive the attunements so that they may have access to Reiki and administer it to themselves and others. I am committed to finding ways for this work to be accepted in more mainstream forums. I would like to see Reiki performed alongside more conventional methods of treatment and wellness programs. I believe Reiki can aid in addressing the whole person and all the factors that bring about dis-ease. My practice is one that is focused on wellness, consciousness and training.